Wilma Tackles Time Clutter Consulting

Note: This flash simulation may take a minute to load on your PC, and won’t work on your mobile or tablet. You may even need the Adobe Flash Player Projector. Turn up your speakers until you hear the music.

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If the simulation ever freezes, simply hit the reload button and start again.

This simulation was prepared as part of a speech and a workshop I gave at the Institute for Challenging Disorganization 2012 Conference in Chicago. The training was entitled  Baby Steps 101/201.

3 Replies to “Wilma Tackles Time Clutter Consulting”

  1. When is a consultant who specializes in organizing physical clutter ready to tackle time clutter consulting?

    When they are able to discern whether the issues presented in a residential or corporate situation are related to physical clutter, time clutter or both and are confident they can transfer skills.

  2. When the intricacies of time clutter have been extensively explored and feasible approaches have been tested and proven to successfully overcome the problem and other persons experiencing constraints in the same area and are willing to seek the help of an expert on the subject.

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