Webinar Signup – “Hype Against the Facts”


On Tuesday, Jan 26th at 8:00pm EST (5:00pm Pacific) I’ll be hosting a free webinar called “Hype Against the Facts – How to Improve Your Time Management Skills in the Real World.”

(If you already know the details, and would like to sign up, just jump to the bottom of the page.)

Here’s what it’s about:

It’s an open secret that working professionals have a hard time
improving their time management skills.

During the webinar on Tuesday night I’ll be making the job a bit easier, by separating Time Management Hype from Time Management Facts.  I’ll also be giving you some information about the MyTimeDesign programs that I’ll be opening on Thursday the 28th.

I think we all can agree that time management skills are essential to
success in many areas of life, (career, business, family, health, education,
volunteering, peace of mind, etc.,) when it comes to making a visible
improvement we can only agree that it’s difficult.

We pick up books, take workshops, listen to videos, look over lists
of tips, purchase gadgets and mimic other successful people in order
to find a way to improve our skills.

However, most find disappointment and failure.  The materials gather
dust over there in the corner, and the gadgets end up in the drawer.

But we are puzzled – not because the ideas are bad – but because we
don’t know why we failed.

In this webinar, I’ll state clearly why “Time Management Hype” is
leading people to disappointment, and why “Time Management Facts”
are needed… we want to be set free, and only the truth will

These are some of the reasons that led me to create the MyTimeDesign
programs, and I think they are strong enough, and real enough,
that they can lead us all to find solutions for ourselves.

Once again, the webinar will be on Tuesday January 26th at 8:00pm
EST (5:00pm Pacific.)

Fill in your contact information below, to register for this free webinar (or tele-seminar if you won’t be anywhere near your computer.)  Space is limited, so act quickly.

9 Replies to “Webinar Signup – “Hype Against the Facts””

  1. Hi,
    Just wondering attending the webinar means that I will have to make a long-distance telephone call or is this via live streaming online?

  2. Jacqueline

    Yes — this requires a long distance phone call to a number in the US. You can listen in via your computer however, if you have the capability.

    I’ll send the instructions out to those who have registered a day or two before.


  3. Jacqueline,

    OK — I just made some changes and NO — you don’t need to dial a long distance number to access the call. You can listen in via your computer.

  4. Nancy,

    That’s a great idea — and a few people have asked for it. I do intend to tape it, based on the requests I have gotten. I will also try to get it ready quickly, and maybe even a transcript done… but the technology is a bit tricky!

    I’ll let everyone who is registered via email how that works out.


  5. I like Nancy will be unable to attend in that time slot (unless the blizzard extends and my class is cancelle :-). So would love to be able to grab a recording – thanks!

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