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Our most important online programs are geared towards those who have some experience in improving time management methods. They aren't new to the topic, and have either spent considerable time working on improving their own skills, or have attempted to increase the performance of other people who are their direct reports, clients or colleagues.

As a result, our programs are not ordinary, and they aren't trivial. Instead, they articulate a philosophy that's built on the latest research in a number of fields, only some of which are overtly labelled as "time management."

Time Management 2.0 forms the basis of all our training, which is intended for the thinking professional who is prepared to confront the limits of the conventional wisdom, myths and errors in this field.

MyTimeDesign 1.1.Plus+ is our flagship program for the public, and serves the need of the time-savvy professional, as well as that of coaches, consultants and professional organizers. Click here for more information. This program is open for immediate enrollment.

If you are a coach, consultant or professional organizer, you may be interested in our new certification process - in order to become a  Certified Time Management Advisor.

Live Learning

We offer a live program in Kingston, Jamaica and in the country to Trinidad and Tobago two or three times per year.  NewHabits Foundations is a one-day live workshop.  Check this link to find the latest offering in the Caribbean.

Also, we offer the program within companies in a form that's customized to each firm's needs. For more information on this powerful option, contact me directly.

MyTimeDesign 2.0.Professional is an individual coaching program for executives who need to save time and effort in upgrading their time management capacity.  It's my personal coaching program in which I work with you individually, so that we can cut to the heart of what's making you lose peace of mind and productivity.  This kind of improvement takes a huge commitment, so this program is only available by application, and after an interview.  While it's not for everyone, it's generally sought by those who want to take their performance to another level as quickly as possible. MyTimeDesign 2.0.Professional is always open for enrollment -- simply send me email using this contact link.


2Time Labs doesn't offer individual coaching directly. The advice we give on assignments is usually offered in  the context of a corporate objective or project.

However, we do regularly refer clients to a short list of coaches who are quite familiar with the principles we use in our training and corporate engagements. If you are interested in learning more from a coach who is deeply trained in this area, use the Contact form above to send us me a short message.

I hope that you find something that matches your experience and commitment.  If you'd like a custom configuration, or have ideas for a new offering, let me know... using this contact link



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