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Why I’m Creating a New Realm of Time Management Advice

The profession of time advising  is becoming a tough one to succeed in, due to some big trends underway that nothing in our past has prepared us for. Here’s my adjustment to what I see as the inevitable. People pay time advisers (consultants, coaches, professional organizers and trainers) to help them in the uphill task of creating behavior changes that stick: ones that won’t fade over time or fall apart when the first crisis hits. Presumably, the reason we’re hired […]

Why Bother?

Now and then I ask myself the very same question. Why? Why bother? Why bother to offer a new approach to time management? There are many approaches out there, and it’s not as if they are doing an awful job for those who use them.  Some of the time management systems that I have heard about are: Getting Things Done (GTD®) Covey’s 7 Habits Do It Tomorrow The Mission Control Productivity System Zen to Done GTD Lite The Pomodoro Technique […]