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Live Training

In September 2012, we conducted our first live program geared towards helping Professional Organizers.  The program was called "Baby Steps 101/201 - Radically Reducing Your Clients' Time Clutter" and was led to 170 members of the Institute for Challenging Disorganization, at their Annual Conference in Chicago.

This was followed up in the following year with a presentation at the American Society of Training and Development Annual Conference and Exposition in Dallas. In that presentation, I trained almost 200 attendees in our approach to causing behavior change, using time management as a case study. That conference also saw the North American ICF Button-Speakerlaunch of my book, Bill's Im-Perfect Time Management Adventure.
In 2014, I'll be presenting a live training session at the International Coaching Federation's Conference in Cleveland, Ohio.  My topic will be "How to Provide Expert (vs. Novice) Time Management Coaching."

If you'd like to receive periodic learning content related to my live programs, make sure to download a copy of my special report - The 8 Fatal Assumptions that Time Advisers Make, using the form at top right.  An online version of Baby Steps 101/201 is currently being designed, and is due for release next year.

Individual Learning

2Time Labs is currently putting the final touches on Baby Steps Advanced, a training program for the coach, trainer, professional organizer or consultant who wants to boost their income significantly in this niche. It's intended to provide you with a powerful framework for working with your clients that should dramatically improve your impact. This means better quality clients and higher rates.

If you'd like to know more about the program, use my personal contact form to reach me directly.