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Need better support? Use a cool app to make your changes

June 12, 2017 by No Comments

Hello MyTimeDesign Plus+ student,

By now, you will have received the final lesson in the 12 part series.

However, I realize that if you are like the majority of learners, you won't have actually completed the last few lessons yet.

As you know, the final step in the ETaPS system is all about "Support." However, the support you have been receiving from the program is about to come to an end. There's a big difference between completing the lessons while receiving weekly reminders and doing them on your own.

I would like to recommend that you check out a useful alternative.

Penny Zenker is a highly-sought after coach who has taken her expertise and translated it into software. She offers an app that can help you continue the support you have been receiving from a set of timely reminders.

I have asked her to make the app available to you because it could make THE critical difference between implementing the behavior and tool changes you want to make, or not.

The app is called The Productivity Accelerator and it offers a 12 month program of support for goals you set up. As such, you can plug you Personal Improvement Plan right into the app and watch it go to work.

Click here to check out the app