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As a time adviser in today’s world, it’s easy to make less money than you should. It’s tricky to work in an area that’s ill-defined and under-researched, because it forces you to pay attention to things that don’t make money directly.

Such as whether or not your client has more knowledge than you do. Or is better informed. Or has read the most recent research.

If you have experienced these concerns then this special report is for you.

8 fatal assumptions 3d2In collaboration with Janice Russell, an expert  and certified professional organizer, I’d like to offer you a special report for coaches, consultants, professional organizers and trainers who specialize in time management.

It’s called The 8 Fatal Assumptions that Time Advisers Make.

Within its pages, we share some of the mistakes providers in our profession make again and again leaving them (and their clients) frustrated, dispirited and resigned. By not using the latest training models, relying on outdated concepts and ignoring the latest research the experience becomes one that appears to be too difficult to overcome.


Many simply move on to other fields. This is too bad, because your commitment to your clients can’t stop where their time management begins. They have real needs they can’t solve on their own and you need to appreciate the assumptions you may have that get in the way of your success and their progress.

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