Podcast on Time Demands

While it’s true that time can’t be managed, those of who call ourselves time advisers know that what we are doing with clients is very real, and the problems that we help them to solve aren’t figments of the imagination.

We actually need some new distinctions to be effective in our profession, and in this podcast I make the point rather forcefully that people manage something I call time demands, and when we help them realize this fact, it opens their minds.

Listen in.

Tony Murphy on Time Intelligence

Tony Murphy is a consultant and researcher who has developed his own suite of diagnostic tools based on academic research. It’s a fascinating take on what any tie adviser can do with enough courage: do the hard work needed to give clients what they need to be their most effective.

Val and Jayne Return – On Diagnostic Tools

In our last podcast together, Val, Jayne and I combined our New Zealander, Australian and Jamaican knowledge to address the need our clients have for custom time management solutions.

As you may know, it’s a tricky position to take because it implies that you not only need a way to deliver those kinds of solutions, but you also need a way to figure out what the client actually needs.

I sometimes think that I took the easy route by deciding to come up with a diagnostic tool that tells a client where they are today. Then, it’s not too hard to see where they should go. Tune in to hear us discuss this topic in a depth that I think is hard to find anywhere else.

Interviewing a Master Organizer – Judith Kolberg

Judith Kolberg is one of the founders of the Institute for Challenging Disorganization and also the author of a recent book – Organizing in the Age of Endless. It’s a book that deals with contemporary challenges in both time and space and she makes some powerful observations about how well we are struggling in a world that allows more of everything to come at us.

Tune in to hear the podcast here.

Podcast on One-Size-Fits-All Solutions

Just in case you haven’t guessed… here at 2Time Labs we tend to go on and on about the need for time advisers to stop force-fitting clients into systems that don’t fit their idiosyncratic ways.

Instead, we need to switch our focus to finding ways to give them what they want – custom-built solutions that don’t fit the concept that a coach, consultant, trainer or professional organizer already has in mind before even meeting them for the first time.

In this podcast with Jayne Jennings and Val McDougall about the need to give our clients what they want, even if it makes our job so much harder as time advisers. As you’ll see, we had such a good time that we talked our way into a followup podcast on putting together powerful diagnostic tools. Phew!