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On Helping Your Client to Schedule Everything

Shortly after I finished Perfect Time-Based Productivity, I decided to offer the most busy, ambitious ones some special assistance. They needed to master the technique of Total Task Scheduling and there was absolutely no help available to them to fulfill this goal. Other books, blogs and podcasts came out suggesting that the approach benefits people who have a lot of tasks to manage, but there was still little real training, coaching or programs. It became a bit like the idea […]

What If Your Clients Want to Schedule Everything?

You may not be a Total Task Scheduler. But what about your clients? I have an interesting conversation with a client recently about her unwillingness to become a Total Task Scheduler. She had an interesting observation: even if she never uses the technique, she needs to offer it to her clients who decide that it’s something they want to adopt. To that end, she is part of my Beta team for a new site I am developing – ScheduleU.org. It’s […]

The Client’s Journey which Time Management Coaches Must Know

Time management coaching is no easy avocation. Part of the confusion arises because coaches, consultants, professional organizers and trainers sometimes get stuck in a single model… or in the case of the diagram on the right, at a single level. It’s an infographic lifted from an article I wrote on Medium: What Task Management App Developers Can Do to Catch Up with Pokemon Go. I invite you to take a look as it explains the behaviors users undertake as they […]

Helping Clients to Create New Habits

“Time management” has a bad rap. It’s often held up as the kind of training in which everything sounds good while the teacher is in the classroom, works for a few days and then disappears immediately after. Old behaviors re-assert themselves with a vengeance as the learner’s vision of being more productive are dashed. As a helping professional you are devastated when this happens. You are, after all, only as successful as your clients new habits. If they fail to […]

Should a Time Adviser Stay Abreast of the Latest Technology?

What are clients coming to expect from their time advisers with respect to technology? Is it changing? Getting Things Done has been widely touted and praised as a tool agnostic approach. That is, it was designed without any particular app, device, platform or medium in mind, whether it be paper, digital or personal memory-based. Many consultants, professional organizers, coaches and trainers have taken the same approach, sincerely believing that the best tool for a client is a personal choice that […]

You Are Invited – To Join a Software Beta

Recently, I took some unexpected time off and I had a bit of luck in dealing with all my time demands. I happened to be testing a new software – SkedPal – at the time and end I realized that my calendar had become a stress-free zone. Read this post where I talk all about it and act quickly on my recommendation to get in on a free lifetime license. It’s a breakthrough tool that your clients may thank you […]

Finding: Novices and Experts Want Different Kinds of Feedback

Most coaching programs make a passing reference to the fact that coachees require different kinds of feedback depending on their level of development. This makes intuitive sense. You wouldn’t give a beginner the same advice as someone who is an expert. However, that insight focuses mostly on the content of the feedback to be provided. In other words, whereas a novice requires repetition and reminders of the basics, that kind of input would be useless to someone who has more […]

Sharing: The Secret Behind My New Book

The lay-reader may not know, but a coach may figure it out… I actually wrote my book, Perfect Time-Based Productivity, in part, to serve as a guide for time advisers (coaches, consultants, professional organizers and trainers.) Here’s what I did in a nutshell: I took the training I have been delivering to hundreds of people over 6 years and put it all in the book – everything I could think of. Also, I included more research links than anyone has […]

New: Tools Now Available for Time Advisers

I have some good news: I recently posted up a revised set of forms covering all 11 time-based productivity fundamentals. ┬áThis is the first time they are being made available to the public, which of course includes all time advisers. While the general public will see them as a way to start diagnosing their skills immediately, as a time adviser I hope you see something else: an opportunity. To my knowledge, they are the first complete set of diagnostic tools […]

My slides and audio from the ICF conference

Back in June, I was a feature speaker at the International Coach Federation Conference in Cleveland, Ohio.The topic I spoke on was “Expert vs. Novice Time Management Coaching” – I think it’s fair to say that all who attended had a great time, and so did I as you can tell from the recording! Fortunately the audio I made came out quite well so here’s a link to the slides as well as the sound. I don’t use a lot […]