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Welcome to MyTimeDesign!

Thanks for visiting MyTimeDesign, the online training arm of 2Time Labs.  Our programs have been put together using the best ideas from our research and development efforts using Time Management 2.0.  This means that these programs are always fresh, and include the very latest knowledge available in the world in the areas of personal productivity, psychology, engineering and other disciplines, delivered in a unique format that makes implementation easy.

We offer a variety of programs to the general public.

Time Advisers / Coaches

8 fata assumptions that time advisers make

If you are a coach, consultant, trainer, professional organizer, instructional designer or teacher in the area of time management, we are world-leaders in providing solutions the help you do your best work. Start by downloading our Special Report - The 8 Fatal Assumptions that Time Advisers Make.

For more information on learning opportunities, check out our Programs page, or read and enjoy some of the best of our thinking at our Blog. Our goal is to de-mystify the challenge of delivering world-class time management interventions in all forms.

(Coming soon: our individual program for time advisers called BabySteps Advanced. Sign up for early notification on this and other topics by downloading the special report - you can use the form at top right.)

Time-Savvy Professionals

If you are a professional who already knows a thing or two about improving your time management skills, you may be interested in our online training programs that offer you a fresh philosophy intended to accelerate your learning and improve your results. We don't make outrageous promises that can't be fulfilled or measured. Instead, we offer MyTimeDesign Plus+, a program that gives you a skillful and sophisticated way to upgrade your skills, regardless of your competence. Our goal is to show you how to get better not just once, but over and over again without having to attend another class. If your goal is to achieve an expanded peace of mind, freedom from stress and clutter, or to take your performance to the next level, then you are in the right place. Sign up for early notification for this program here.


3d cover of perfect bookYou may also be interested in finding more about my books, Perfect Time-Based Productivity and Bill's Im-Perfect Time Management Adventure. For more information about these books that reflect modern day time management thinking, and a depth of research, click here.


Our programs and books are built on a deep foundation of research in a number of fields: psychology, brain science, industrial engineering, management, adult learning, operations research and more. You can follow our train of thought in Perfect Time-Based Productivity - A Professional Approach.

You can also explore the background to our thinking at the 2Time Labs website. Here you can dig deeper into the data and ideas we have used to become leaders in Time Management 2.0. We feature the best library of time management research in the world, and look to bring together all current researchers in these fields with an interest in this topic.


To discover the resources we have available for executives, time advisers, lifehackers, researchers, project managers and others, visit the Your Resources tab on my book's website.

I hope you find unique and lasting value from our site and connect with us on social networks, through comments or by direct email.


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